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Protect healthcare information and exchange confidential data without risk using Stirdie’s encrypted, auditable messaging platform with verified digital identity management.   


Advance your digital health communication strategy with Stirdie

In 2023, the healthcare industry had the highest average data breach cost at $10.93 million. It’s Stirdie’s mission to give medical organizations the transparency needed to communicate with absolute trust. Explore what makes Stirdie the most trusted messaging solution among healthcare providers. 

Data integrity is established with blockchain validation

All data sent through Stirdie is audited by blockchain proofs, which provides users with an immutable audit trail of every action and transaction.  Once a message or file has been received the recipient can assess the trustworthiness of the data using this audit report.  

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Data breaches can be prevented with advanced cryptography 

Ensure confidentiality through end-to-end data encryption. As soon as a file or document is created by a Stirdie organization or user it is encrypted with key management. Stirdie uses both asymmetric and symmetric encryption, utilizing public and private keys managed by a dedicated cloud key management system. 

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Endorsement provides confidence in the identity of the sender and recipient 

Medical organizations are often targets of fraud and through deceptive communication patients and medical professionals are at risk of data theft or financial scams. Through public profiles that have been endorsed Stirdie users have confidence in the sender and recipient identifies and have methods to confirm their identities to avoid fraud attempts.  

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Highest level of data privacy compliance 

Stirdie’s advanced encryption means sensitive patient information is only ever accessed by the intended recipient at all times. Stirdie will only record a unique transaction ID and hashing key on the blockchain, this means data can only be viewed by the sender and the indented recipient. Healthcare organizations can use Stirdie to reduce risk and manual errors to meet industry standards for security and compliance of transmitting patient data.  

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Act Now. Join the Stirdie revolution

HHS reported that in 2023, 133 million people were impacted by major health data hacks. This number is expected to rise unless we fight back with Connected Health solutions.

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Strength in every Stirdie data exchange

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Digital Messaging

Send and receive encrypted digital messages from your Stirdie Business Account. Recipients can decrypt messages in the Stirdie App which is free to download for all end users. 

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Secure File Transfer 

Stirdie’s secure message delivery app supports clinical document Architecture (CDA) standards for eReferrals, specialist letters, prescriptions, lab results, diagnoses outcomes, discharge summaries and more.     

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Smart Messaging  

Create advanced workflows for smart interactions between patients and your medical practice to reduce friction and improve response rates. Simply pre-populate message responses so the patient can reply at the touch of a button.

How can Stirdie work for your medical organization?  

Stirdie provides healthcare organizations with the ability to exchange confidential data between practitioners, patients and all members of the healthcare community safely and without risk. 

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Connect with medical professionals quickly and confidently  

Imagine sending a referral. A doctor can select a specialist from Stirdie’s list of endorsed contacts and send a file. 

  1. The referral is encrypted upon sending to the specialist.  
  2. During transmission, the referral is stored on Stirdie’s encrypted cloud storage where no one other than the specialist can decrypt and view the referral. 
  3. The referral data is verified through Stirdie’s immutable blockchain ledger. Once received, the specialist decrypts the referral and can confirm that the file has not been tampered with using the immutable audit report.  
  4. The doctor can see that the specialist has receive and read the file with timestamp data.  
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Enhanced patient care and satisfaction though connection

A doctor needs to share test results with their patient, they can select the patient from Stirdie’s list of endorsed contacts and send the message.  

  1. The test results are encrypted upon sending to the patient.  
  2. During transmission, the patient’s test results are stored on Stirdie’s encrypted cloud storage where no one other than the patient can decrypt and view the message. 
  3. The message data is verified through Stirdie’s immutable blockchain ledger. Once received, the patient decrypts their test results and can confirm that the message data has not been tampered with using the immutable audit report. 
  4. The doctor can see that the patient has received and read their test results with timestamp data.  

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Stirdie empowers doctors, nurses, caregivers, dentists, pharmacists, radiologists and more with transparent and auditable messaging tools which can increase health literacy and lead to better health outcomes. Join the revolution to connect the entire healthcare ecosystem together with Stirdie - Healthcare’s most trusted, encrypted, auditable and transparent messaging app.  

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