Secure, auditable and verifiable
communication tools for business. Creating environments designed for data and identity verification
audited by a blockchain network.


Trust, transparency & accountability

Guarantee confidentiality and security of data.

Transform and optimize the way your business communicates forever. Stirdie uses peer-to-peer identity verification and cryptography to achieve data integrity and provide businesses and users alike with a tamper-proof suite of communications tools.

Eliminate fraud.

Complete trust.

By underpinning our suite of communications tools with blockchain technology, we provide a safe environment for businesses and users to transact sensitive data without fear of interception. We're eliminating fraud, scams and saving businesses and individuals millions.




Transactions and actions are recorded on the blockchain via a hash and unique ID, providing auditability of data. 

Identity Verification.

The verification process required to connect to the Stirdie environment, ensuring that all businesses and users are genuine.


All transactions and actions from when data is created, sent, opened and read are validated against the blockchain to ensure the integrity of the message.


By using asymmetric and symmetric keys, all transactions are secure, ensuring that the sender and intended recipient are the only users able to view the contents of any message.


Allows for the streamlining and automation of existing business process to save time, money and reduce security and compliance risks.


Organisations and users will have limited access to Stirdie’s code, providing the opportunity for invention and creation of new processes to assist in customised business workflows.


Connecting users and businesses everywhere through a verified & trusted messaging network. The world’s first verified messaging app powered by Stirdie. Send & receive messages to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Store and share your IDs, files and documents securely without risk.

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The Stirdie Environment

Immutable data trail & transaction verification for risk-free sending.

Any message, file or document sent or received via one of Stirdie’s applications will first be verified and then recorded on the blockchain via a hash and a unique ID. This information ensures the integrity of the transaction and guarantees its immutability.


A verifiable network of businesses and users.

Connect to a network of businesses and users around the world via the Directory. The Directory's mandatory verification process provides a verifiable trust mechanism when sending or receiving data through any of Stirdie’s applications.

Cloud Key Management

Gain complete control over your data.

Exchange data safely through any Stirdie application with encrypted cloud key management. By using a mix of asymmetrical and symmetrical keys, we keep all transactions private while ensuring the verification process remains public on the blockchain.



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