Stirdie is a technology company, driving the next generation of secure messaging through leading edge blockchain technology. The source of the branding comes from our desire to solve complex problems with beautiful solutions.

The Stirdie name

The name "Stirdie" is an acronym for Secure Transfer In Real-Time Document Including Encryption. We wanted to use a name that describes our mission in a succinct and creative way. Stirdie, as a word-mark is a play on the word Sturdy, to mean strong and capable, something that our products are built to be. The acronym is an additional creative flare, to make it truely ours.

The Stirdie mark

The Stirdie mark is a combination of semicircles that have been constructed in a way that displays an "s" shape to represent the S in Stirdie. The Stirdie mark was designed to represent a 'puzzle' of many coordinated pieces coming together cohesively to complete the task. In a symbolic sense, the pieces represent each node using the Stirdie Blockchain network, and the end product is the secure and trusted network as a whole.

Our colors

The colors above are our primary colors. They represent the Stirdie brand and coordinate our assets across all mediums.


Our primary typeface is Sora. The typeface is clean,
modern, and tech-inspired.

We're here for tomorrow

Our brand is ready to take on the future of tomorrow, today.

Design system coming soon