It’s your right. Own your narrative and take control of your data with Stirdie. 

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Protect your conversations with verified digital identity management and immutable audit trails.

Digital freedom is your right and Stirdie brings you one step closer to controlling your digital footprint, with transparency and trust when you communicate and share information online.  


What is digital freedom? 


Strength in every Stirdie data exchange  

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Prevent data breaches

Send and receive end to end encrypted Stirdie messages and files.

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Combat fraud attempts

Verify the sender identity and see details about a business sender to assess legitimacy before engaging.

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Compromised data alerts

Use immutable blockchain audit trail data to confirm data integrity and data timestamp information.

Stirdie for business 

Protect your business with Stirdie’s secure, auditable and transparent messaging solution. 

Data integrity is your foundation 

Shield your business with blockchain technology. Stirdie delivers information through shared and immutable message transactions.


Providing both business and end users-absolute trust and integrity in the communication they send and receive digitally. Through Stirdie’s blockchain network, information transacted is secure, non-editable and trusted.

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Confidentiality is your safety net 

Using hashing and encryption Stirdie technology delivers end-to-end message encryption, providing a multi-layered approach to verified message content and ensuring absolute integrity in both the information transacted and the legitimacy of the sender.

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Identity verification is your assurance 

Businesses are often targets of fraud and through deceptive communication employees and customers are at risk of data theft or financial scams. Through public profiles that have been endorsed, Stirdie users have confidence in the sender and recipient identities. Create a Stirdie business profile to give your customers peace of mind when communicating with you. 

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What is Digital Freedom?

Digital freedom is when you have complete control and awareness of your own data.  With digital freedom you can determine how your personal information, communication and other data is shared online, empowering you to make informed decisions. 

You have the power to lead the revolution

Defend your customers from text messaging and email phishing scams. Join Stirdie and send all business communication through Stirdie’s secure messaging solution.

Build digital resilience in your organization

Business imposters were the most common type of text message fraud reported in 2022.

$35.1 Million was lost to business fraud text messages in 2022.

40% people who reported a text scam said the text claimed to be about a bank, gift, delivery, job, or online shopping.

3 out of 10 reported text message frauds were business impersonations.

Move beyond SMS and fax with Stirdie

Digital Messaging

Send and receive digital messages from your Stirdie Business Account. Recipients can decrypt messages in the Stirdie App which is free to download for all end users. 

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Secure File Transfer 

Our secure document sharing service allows businesses and users to send files securely online. 

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Smart Message

Create advanced workflows for smart interactions between users and your organization to reduce friction and improve response rates.  

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Stand up for your organization

With secure, auditable and verifiable messaging, trust can be established in every data exchange.  

We are architects of resilient communication 

With over 25 years of hard work and innovation, we've evolved from building online fax solutions to online SMS messaging services.  Data theft is on the rise, scams are everywhere, we are fighting back with Stirdie — the world’s most secure messaging app built with blockchain technology to ensure data control, security, and transparency. 

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